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Dear Friends

This ESIM 11 will be the last of three in a row of the Portuguese ESIMs.

When in 2005 EFIM decided to give us (Portuguese Internists) the honour to be the hosts of the next two ESIMs, in a BID with England, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Turkey, we did not know how gratifying it would be. We anticipated the need of hard work, we realized the proud and the responsibility to be the successors of the organization of Prof. Jaime Merino in Alicante (was already the most prestigious feature of EFIM, along with the Journal), but we did not understood how good we would feel been in the centre of the Internists European Spirit construction. The first two were very gratifying to all involved, and so, EFIM decided to give us one more year, this ESIM 11.

There are only two or three Speciality Schools in Europe. This one is the only that works without any help from the Pharmaceutical Industry, once is based only on the will and financial support from the European Internists themselves and their national societies. The Portuguese are also proud once this is the first school of this kind ever organized in our country.

All ESIMs are memorable weeks for those who participate on it, but we have seen with joy that the enthusiasm increased each year, with more individual demands for participation, from more countries, in each new edition of ESIM. This year we should exceed the record of 70 residents.

And I must say without fake modesty that something is really happening here. We are helping to build the new European Internist of tomorrow, without competition, with humility, with humanity, but truly aware of their value in the Health System of today and prepared to face the challenge of the European Health Systems Evolution.

All residents said that the week on ESIM is a once in a lifetime experience, exceeding most of their expectations.

We will try to organize one even more unforgettable week, for all residents and speakers participating in this ESIM 11.

We can’t wait to see you all here with us.

António Martins Baptista
Director of ESIM
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