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Dear friends
Participants in the ESIM 10 - Estoril

Next 9th of September (Sunday) you should arrive at the Lisbon Airport and we will pick you up, in order to take you to the Seminário da Torre D’Aguilha, in Estoril.
Therefore, we need all your flight numbers and the time of expected arrival. If you can already choose, you should arrive the sooner the better, once we expect to have everyone at the Seminário at 7pm, in order to have the first dinner together. Estoril is about one hour from Lisbon airport.

You can and should bring a swimsuit and a sun lotion because the beach is near.
Everything else will be provided by the organization of EFIM.
You will stay in a double room with other resident from other country (same gender), have meals served by the Seminário, and classrooms with lecturers from all over Europe.
We will organize some social program for the initial days, a touristic free day on Thursday (13.09) and a closing dinner on Saturday (15.09). Sunday (16.09) we will take you to Lisbon Airport.
In the opinion of previous participants of ESIM, the social contacts and the friendship that develops between residents is more rewarding than the learning itself. So please bring your heart open to make new friends, and I am sure that everything will be fantastic for everyone.

Please fill the Form for participants in the ESIM and return it if you did not it yet.
We are looking forward to welcome you to Portugal.
See you next 9th of September

António Martins Baptista
Director of ESIM
+351 917574383
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