What is ESIM?

ESIM (European School of Internal Medicine) is a post-graduate school, which belongs to the EFIM (European Federation of Internal Medicine) structure.

It started in 1998 in Alicante, imagined and put up by Prof. Jaime Merino in its first eight editions.
In 2006 moved to Sintra and is now directed by Dr. Martins Baptista, with the support of the Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine.

The working model of ESIM remained the same during all editions. About 50 to 70 residents of Internal Medicine from all over the world (mainly from European countries), selected and supported by their own societies of Internal Medicine, come to ESIM once a year, during one week, were they have lectures of themes selected by the director, done by speakers elected and supported by the different National Societies. As much, or more important than the lectures, the residents make very good friends from other countries, interact with different medical realities and most of them classified their participation in ESIM as an unforgettable lifetime experience.

So, all this organization has been a transnational team work of internists and their National Societies, with a very successful result so far. It depends on the goodwill of all involved, and has been a marker of the good work of the EFIM itself.

In this site you can find material from the portuguese editions of ESIM: Programs, names of speakers and residents, presentations of residents, photos, interviews, course evaluations, etc.

Please consult all that you want, send material that you would like to see in this site and thank you for all the support that you have been given to ESIM.
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